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Our company vision is producing food of the best quality and the most productive way with less energy and less land by combining innovative technologies, being part of a new ecosystem.

There is a problem with our food supply

The world has changed dramatically and will continue to do so. Climate change, rising population figures and growing demands on food quality and sustainability are shaping our future. By 2050, 9.7 billion people are expected to be living on the planet. The food and cosmetics industry demands reliability and reproducible quality from its suppliers. Without change, we risk a bleak future characterized by environmental degradation, food shortages and climate crises. The question is: will you stand by and watch or will you act?


We have founded a revolutionary greentech company that produces sustainable, pesticide-free food all year round. By using innovative technologies and closed systems, we are independent of weather, climate and season. Our goal is to produce high-quality, local food in a climate- and nature-friendly way and to take food production in harmony with nature to a new level.

This is the current industry standard in vertical farming

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Our corporate objectives are (maximum) profit orientation, cost control, innovative strength and positive and attractive external presentation as a sustainable company.

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